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The Gift of Hope for Khalan and Her Family

  • Khalan loved the Disney fireworks, sing-alongs, and meeting so many characters, including Cinderella's stepsisters.

  • The absolute highlight of Khalan's wish was meeting Elsa.

  • "It was the best family vacation ever," says Khalan's mom, Sarah.

  • Khalan prides herself on being a big sister.

  • Khalan and her siblings enjoyed goofing around, including with Goofy!

  • Another memorable moment, this time with Tinker Bell.

  • Khalan receives a very special tuck-in from Ms. Merry, a beloved character who helps oversee Give Kids the World Village, the resort where Khalan and her family stayed during their trip.

“ When we think about Khalan’s wish, we believe in miracles. We believe in love for ourselves and for humanity. ”

- Sarah, Khalan's mom

  • Khalan , 6

    • sickle cell disease
    • I wish to go to Disney World

With hearts full of bright hope, Khalan and her family returned from her wish trip to Walt Disney World® Resort with an enhanced sense of love, optimism, and belief in miracles.

Khalan’s mother, Sarah, shares six-year-old Khalan’s story:

Khalan is a caring child who expresses her affection by giving hugs, and creating love songs, and she is a best friend to each of her younger siblings. She was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia when she was three months old and has endured at least eight painful crises, resulting in hospitalizations and treatments including blood transfusions. She's missed about 40% of time at school and has had to sit out of many fun activities. 

From the moment she knew her wish to go to Walt Disney World® Resort was going to be granted, Khalan counted down each day with excitement. She was hospitalized seven days before the trip, but the anticipation for her wish gave her strength, making it her quickest and most optimistic hospital stay yet. She kept saying she'd be well by the weekend and true to her word, she was discharged long before then and in very high spirits. 

The most thrilling moment of her wish was Khalan meeting her favorite character, Elsa from Frozen. Moments like this, and the entirety of Khalan’s wish, not only relieved us of a lot of stress...they made it the best family vacation ever. 

Thanks to everyone involved with making Khalan's wish possible. Supporting this organization may seem like a small act but it eternally affects people's lives and character. Inspired by Khalan's wish, no matter what happens, we now choose to look for ways each situation can turn into a blessing for us. We remind ourselves to take opportunities to make another person’s life better in order to pass on the generosity offered to us through this organization. When we think about Khalan’s wish, we believe in miracles. We believe in love for ourselves and for humanity. 

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