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Kevin's gone wishin'!

Kevin crabfishing

“ Kevin’s adventure gives his entire family renewed optimism and strength to face his illness ”

Kevin is a huge fan of the television show, Deadliest Catch, which chronicles the real-life adventures of five Alaskan King Crabbing boats. The bravery of the fisherman on the program has been a constant source of inspiration for Kevin, who approaches his fight against leukemia with a strong, courageous spirit.

Mesmerized by what he has seen on the show, Kevin wished to go crab fishing in Alaska. Left behind is the anxiety and uncertainties of the past two years since his diagnosis at age four. Kevin’s adventure gives his entire family renewed optimism and strength to face his illness.

Kevin was the first in his family to spot a bald eagle when they arrived in Alaska!  He and his family enjoyed beautiful Ketchikan, within the heart of the Tongass National Forest and on the shores of Alaska’s Inside Passage.  With lush, tree-covered mountains rising out of the water, the area is home to diverse wildlife and offers plenty for a young boy to explore.

Kevin visited a rain forest sanctuary, attended a lumberjack show, flew above the treetops on a flightseeing tour, and of course, went crab fishing.  He and his family also had free time to discover all that the area had to offer.  Now that he has spotted bald eagles, Kevin is hoping to see mountain goats, and maybe even a bear, a wolf, or a moose.
Floating on Alaskan waters, Kevin truly felt like Captain Kevin of the Aleutian Ballad, the fishing boat he has joined for the day. He breathed in crisp sea air as he watched the crew at work. He beamed when they asked him to toss a hook overboard to catch the line attached to 700-pound crab pots.It is a job he has performed many times in imaginary crab boats in his backyard and in hospital waiting rooms throughout his leukemia treatment.

“Kevin was so happy to be on the boat, seeing and doing things he had only dreamed about,” says his mother, Cara. He saw all types of sea creatures as the crab pots were hauled in. Inside the wheelhouse with the boat’s captain, he radioed local vessels and received calls back, wishing him well.He couldn’t believe it was all real!As he basked in the joy of his Alaskan crab fishing wish come true, Kevin spent the week exploring the island community of Ketchikan with his family. He soared over the Misty Fjords in a bush plane, toured the rainforest, and watched bears fish for salmon. He drove a cutter boat at the U.S. Coast Guard Station and most afternoons, returned to his favorite bridge on Creek Street to fish.
During his time in Ketchikan, the world felt full of possibilities for Kevin. “This trip was so beautiful,” says Cara. “Kevin was in his element.Everything about the trip was exciting for him…It gave him so much to look forward to, especially during a difficult time. He will never forget this 

Look below for more photos from Kevin's trip!

  • One of the Aleutian Ballad's 700-pound crab pots

  • In the wheelhouse of a U.S. Coast Guard cutter

  • Kevin standing with gear used to catch the crabs!

  • On board the Aleutian Ballad

  • Fishing for salmon at a favorite spot on Creek Street

  • Kevin will cherish his memories of his Alaskan trip

  • With lumberjacks from the Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show

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