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Celebrating Cape Cod Memories: Jack's wish

“ Jack's wish...helped him embrace the knowledge that life goes on despite great difficulties, and there is so much more living to do. ”

- Jill, wish mom

“Jack found joy on the edge of the ocean, or to be more exact, the minute our car crossed the Sagamore Bridge onto the Cape!”

Here, Jack’s mother, Jill, shares more about his wish:

For Jack’s wish-come-true trip to Cape Cod, he wanted to return to where we used to summer with family and friends, a place everyone could lay their burdens down and relax. Jack, 17, has a big heart and a passion for family history, so he really cherishes his memories from those trips, some of the happiest moments of his childhood.  

Living with a life-threatening genetic disorder, Jack has been through a lot of medical emergencies, treatments, and testing. His wish to go back to a place he adored helped him embrace the knowledge that life goes on despite great difficulties, and there is so much more living to do.

Reconnecting with the Cape, Jack created new memories that bridge the past with the present. He says his favorite moments were, “going to Nauset Beach and Skaket Beach, going on a whale watch, and spending time with my family.” My favorite memory of the trip was looking out over the Atlantic Ocean to see Jack riding the waves. The weight of any life-threatening diagnosis takes its toll on families, too, and through Jack’s wish, we all felt a sense of connection and peace, as well as awareness of the full spectrum of love, loss, change, growth, and healing.

I hope that as you read this, you understand the depth of meaning that wishes often encompass, and consider how wishes offer new memories and experiences to contribute to healing and transformation -- not only for the wish child, but for their families and support networks, too.  Wishes are a way for children with life-threatening medical conditions to create memories to draw strength from on those very “rainy days” when life is heavy, and to truly capture the beauty and joy of life!

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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