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Fundraising Ideas

For Schools
  • Hold a school play or concert: For your next school performance, you can charge admission and donate the proceeds to Make-A-Wish® Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
  • Spotlight those teachers: It's amazing what students and parents will pay to see their favorite teachers do. Organize a Teacher Talent Show, a Pie-in-the-Face Contest, or a Faculty Dress-Down Day.
  • Have a Grade-a-Thon or Read-a-Thon: Students collect pledges from friends and relatives based on the number of "A" grades they receive on the next report card, or on the number of books they can read in a month.
  • Conduct a Student-Teacher Sporting Event: Students and teachers can compete against each other at volleyball or basketball, raising funds through admissions and refreshment sales.

For Youth Groups

  • Lace up for a Fun Run: Money is raised from entry fees and local merchants can donate prizes.
  • Sell Candy-Grams: Each sweet has a personalized message attached...great for Valentine's Day and other holidays!
  • Host a Movie Night: Show a fun flick, charge admission, and sell popcorn!
  • Sell Make-A-Wish wristbands: Order blue wristbands from Make-A-Wish® that say "Share the Power of a Wish." Sell as many as you can!
  • Create an art gallery: Charge admission to the gallery opening featuring kids' artwork.
  • Host a bake sale: Kids and parents can bake together to sell sweet treats to the community.

For College or University Events

  • Survivor: Plan a series of challenges for a day and the last person standing wins. 
  • Game Shows: Set up a mock game show based on any show on television, such as Jeopardy, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, or The Price is Right. Students can play for a fee and charge admission for others to watch. Ask local businesses to donate prizes for the winners. 
  • American Idol: Invite students to show their skills! Make the contest for singers only, or divide into groups so musicians can participate too. Sell desserts and beverages. 
  • Scavenger Hunt: Coordinate a scavenger hunt and charge students a small fee to participate. Consider off-campus locations too, like mall, parks, etc. 

And so much more… Remember to make your project more successful by asking local businesses to donate prizes such as dinner certificates, movie passes, flowers, food, etc. or charge each person admission for any activity you choose!

Our staff will help you get started. If you are interested in organizing an event, please contact:

In Eastern Massachusetts:
Hillary Muntz |  617.367.9474 |

In Central and Western Massachusetts:
Peg Wheble  |  413.733.9474  |

In Rhode Island:
Michael Vieira  |  401.781.9474  |

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