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The Power of Imagination: Abigail’s Wish

  • Abigail proudly poses on Cloud the unicorn

  • Abigail meets Cloud the unicorn

  • Abigail gazes at Cloud and takes it all in

  • Abigail found "Unicornia" through her wish

“ It was magical – to see her smile ”

- Abigail's mom

When Abigail was diagnosed with leukemia a year ago, she and her family had to navigate an overwhelming world of medical procedures and information as she bravely faced months of treatment. The five-year-old's imagination carried her through tough moments, and one of her favorite things to daydream about was "Unicornia" - which she describes as "a beautiful place where unicorns live."

Abigail’s wish transported her to her very own “Unicornia” where, on a beautiful beach on the Florida coast, her dream of meeting a unicorn came true!  Cloud, a graceful white unicorn with a soft rainbow mane and sparkly hooves, kissed and nuzzled her as Abigail gazed into her eyes with wonder. Before she knew it, Abigail was in the saddle, with Cloud taking her on a beach walk just as the golden sun began to set.

“It was magical – to see her smile and forget everything that’s been going on this past year,” says Abigail’s mom, Tasha. And thanks to generous Make-A-Wish donors and volunteers, Abigail’s wish fulfilled reminds her, her family, and all of us that from imagination and hope come joy and strength.

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Mark Fields

A very heart touching pictures of sweet Abigail's and Cloud living a dream come true for both of them. It is my fondest wish that they both could somehow spend another time together again.

July 14, 2016 - 9:09 AM

Tasha Lopez-Hamberg

Mark Fields- It certainly would be incredible if we could reunite Cloud and our Abigail. She talks about Cloud all the time and how she misses her. Someday, if our family can figure it out, We will try. Thank you for your wonderful comment!!!!!

August 11, 2016 - 10:24 AM

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