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A Retreat for Princess Brianna

Brianna Bedroom

“ Make-A-Wish helped bring a big dream of Brianna's to life and seeing her happy is priceless! ”

Turning the knob on her bedroom door, Brianna holds her breath as she imagines what lies on the other side. When she opens the door, she can’t believe what she sees: her bedroom is now a princess retreat!

The seven-year-old exclaims, “Oh my goshhhh!” and her jaw drops as she takes it all in.
Brianna wished for a princess bedroom makeover and for her family, seeing her so ecstatic is a gift in itself. Brianna has a congenital heart defect and her medical care can often feel like a revolving door of appointments and procedures. Strong-willed, she has endured multiple surgeries and hospital stays that leave her yearning for home. It’s difficult for everyone when fear and discomfort show on her face, which makes her exuberant reaction to her room makeover even more meaningful.
Climbing up the steps of her new bunk beds, Brianna settles in to survey her kingdom. Her freshly-painted lavender room is adorned with princess decorations, a new bureau, fun curtains and pink bedding, and a cheerful light-up flower. She sees something else, too: a television and DVD player…and a bag full of her favorite movies! Brianna and her sister giggle with glee. Looking around again at her beautiful room, Brianna declares, “No brothers allowed!”
It’s clear as Brianna and her sister snuggle into a beanbag chair together to watch a movie that the new space fits Brianna perfectly. “Make-A-Wish helped bring a big dream of Brianna's to life and seeing her happy is priceless,” says her mom, Justine. “Her wish means a lot to all of us.”
Brianna enjoys her top-bunk view of the world outside her window while she reads and rests each day. And, now that she’s settled in a bit more, she loves sharing her room. She’s relaxed her “no brothers” rule and frequently hosts movie nights with her siblings. She’ll soon be having her first sleepover and can’t wait to welcome her friends to her palace!

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