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Olivia's Fun-filled Escape

  • Fresh air and beach time!

  • Every day held fun and adventure for Olivia

  • Olivia loved exploring the Hawaiian landscape

  • Olivia takes in the view from the shore

  • Olivia's wish enabled her to make memories to cherish

“ Memories are made everyday! ”

- Olivia's mom, Kimberly

As the sun sinks behind the sea cliffs of Honolulu, Olivia, 8, beams with excitement on her way to her first luau.

From a young age, Olivia has faced a battery of tests, blood transfusions, and medications for aplastic anemia, a life-threatening disease which causes her bone marrow to fail.  For a long time, Olivia was unable to travel and instead escaped in her mind through music, movies, and books.

Finally, Olivia’s wish for a tropical Hawaiian getaway with her parents offers her an adventure of a lifetime.  Hiking through the lush Oahu rainforest, finding hidden waterfalls, and extinct volcanoes, Olivia is in her glory.

“Memories are made everyday!” says Olivia’s mom, Kimberly. Swimming with tropical marine life, jetting down waterslides, and enjoying seaside strolls, for the first time in a long time, Olivia makes all of her own choices, and discovers boundless joy!

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